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We welcome you to A place for all the articles, snippets, and blog posts related to the Indic civilization. There are many great writers like Koenraad Elst and Sita Ram Goel to new-age historians like TrueIndology on Twitter and other digital media and platforms who are bringing significant awareness to India's history and social structure. This,, is our effort to preserve and present the writings and history of our Indic Civilization on a single digital platform.

You too can contribute to this effort of ours and not leave our writings to the mercy of platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Wikipedia. We want to avoid the loss of our history and writings which was forced upon us recently with the banning of @TrueIndology and his writings.

With this goal of this wiki, help us collect and aggregate timeless, high-quality verified information. Your contribution would help us, our friends, and our future generations to learn the real history of India and its Civilization. Please avoid posting an ongoing incident here. We encourage the posting of content that is at least a year old. Remember, the goal is to collect timeless information.

History of Bharat

Classical Era



Medieval Era

Great Men/Women of India




1947 and the secession of Pakistan

“They grabbed an exclusive account. You settled for a joint account. This will come back to haunt you”- Swami Brahmananda Saraswati




India beyond 1947

Indo-China Relations

Rest of the world


Maths & Science




Civil and Naval Engineering

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