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Thomas Roe on the tyranny of the Mughals

In India, people are poor, and houses are base & mud made. Jahangir and his Mughal ancestors ruined and depopulated all cities of India. He prohibits repairing anything and seeks to ruin everything. He owns everything and robs everybody. In India, the buildings of all inhabitants are all base, made of mud, and not fit for residence. But the houses of the king [Jahangir] are of stone, handsome and uniform.

The present Mughal [Jahangir] and his ancestors, the descendants of Timur, have ruined all ancient cities of India, dis-peopled them, and issues orders forbidding their repair. The king[Jahangir] seeks to ruin anything not ruined by his ancestors.

In India, there is no law of inheritance. The king inherits everything. He is the heir to all. He is the owner of everything gained by industry and merchandise. He only leaves widows and daughters what he pleases. The king[Jahangir] robs all.

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