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Media bias against Hinduism

Media bias against Hindu Festivals

Diwali Sweets are unhealthy but Christmas Sweets are nutritious

Diwali is "festival of fats" while Christmas has "delicacies India loves"

CoronaVirus and Social Distance: Hindu festival vs Muslim Eid

Eros Now wishing Eid vs Navaratri

Concern for animals during and after Diwali

Concern for animals during Diwali and Eid

Concerns for animals during Makar Sankranti vs Eid

Lockdown on Eid vs Onam during COVID-19

Media bias against Hindus

Prophet Muhammad's Progressive preachings vs will we stop euologising Ram as perfect husband

Rohingyas won't change the demographics of India, but Indians will change the demography of Kashmir

Propagandizing Human Suffering is fine as long as it serves the agenda

When a Muslim man is beaten for theft vs a Hindu man is beaten for theft

When RSS helps people vs when Muslims organizations help people

When a Muslim man is killed by Hindus vs a Hindu girl is shot dead by Muslim

Muslim lynching vs Hindu lynching

Rahul Gandhi on when a Muslim is murdered vs when a Hindu is murdered

Arvind Kejriwal on when a Muslim is murdered vs when a Hindu is murdered

"Gunmen attack" in Sikh Gurdwara, "terrorist attack" in Karachi Stock Exchange

Ghoonghat vs Hijab

Hijab vs Sindoor

Janeu vs Hijab

Janeu, a thread worn under cloth by Hindus is a problem but hijab, a cloth that Muslim women are forced to wear is progressive and a matter of faith.


Vidya Krishan - beef is OK Alcohol is not

"Bharat Mata ki Jai is communal" but "Allahu Akbar" is secular

Azaan enlightens non-Muslims but don't chant "Jai Shri Ram" publicly

NPR reporter Furkan Khan on Hinduism

Mandir vs Masjid

Supreme court advocate Bhanu Pratap Singh stating Mandirs are bad but Masjids are good

Reforming Hinduism is good but reforming Islam is bad

Indira Jaising - a famous Indian supreme court lawyer

When Palestinian Nurse dies in Israel's attack vs When a Hindu nurse dies in Palestinian attack

When a Palestinian nurse was killed in 2018, mathrubhumi, a Malayalam newspaper, reported 'Angel lost life in Israel's savagery'. Now when an Indian nurse lost her life in a Palestinian Jihadi attack, the same paper reported 'Malayali woman killed in a shell attack in Israel'.

When a Maulvi is murdered for polygamy, and an Indian priest's image is used

Remembering Partition of India vs remembering Holocaust

Schools vs temples

2017: Manish Sisodia (AAP) preaches others to visit schools instead of temples before elections.

2021: Before UP elections, Manish Sisodia visits Ram mandir.


Ravish Kumar on a Muslim rape accused vs Hindu rape accused

Rana Ayyub on PK (mocking Hindus) vs Suryavanshi (showing a Muslim terrorist)

Mob has no religion (unless it is Hindu!)

Media bias against Hindu leaders

Baghdadi vs Yogi

Biden vs Yogi

Liberal Christianity of Biden vs Hinduism of Modi

Bin Laden vs Swami Vivekananda

NDTV's anti-BJP bias

Rajdeep Serdesai on Sports (Modi vs Manmohan)

Rajdeep Sardesai on BJP's dalit vs INC's dalit leader

Punya Prasoon Bajpai on BJP vs INC on caste politics

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