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Ravidassia is a Dalit community, formerly under Sikhism. They were persecuted & discriminated against by Sikh orthodoxy. Ravidassias see Ravidas as their Guru. This is not accepted by orthodoxy which recognizes only 10 Gurus. Khalistani militants have assassinated Dalit Ravidassia Sants in Vienna in 2009.

The word “Hari” is the symbol on the flag of the Ravidassia religion. The Holy book of the Ravidassia religion is “Amrit Bani”, which is a collection of Vaishnavite Bhakti poems of Sant Ravidas. Dalits constitute 32% of Punjab's population and they have asserted their distinctiveness.

The Holiest temple for Ravidassia religion is Ravidas Janmasthan temple of Varanasi.

Every year, millions take a pilgrimage from Punjab to visit this temple. The central object of veneration in the temple is an idol of Guru Ravidas. Jai Guru Ravidas!

There is also another distinct feature of the Ravidassia religion. The religious head of Ravidassias, Sant Niranjan Dass Maharaj, has recommended strict vegetarianism to all followers of the Ravidassia religion.

The roots are deep. Until 1920, Dalits were not allowed to enter beyond the fourth step of the Golden temple. They were not allowed to offer Karah Prashad. The assassination of Ravidassia saint Ramananda in 2009 by Khalistani groups was the final straw. Dalit Sikhs are now requesting PM Modi to recognize the Ravidassia sect as a distinct religion with no relation to Sikhism.


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