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Secular Akbar

“Allah gave me the task of destroying wicked Hindu kafirs. At his command, I performed Jihad destroying places of Hindu kafirs. I raised standards of Islam everywhere and destroyed Kafirs by the use of the sword. I destroyed places of idol worship all over India.” - The Source of the quote is “Fathnama I Chittor issued by Akbar in 1568 after he invaded Chittor a conducted genocide of 30,000 inhabitants. Interestingly, he issued this Fathnama in the month of Ramzan. He issued this letter from the Ajmer Chishti SUFI dargah.


Emperor of India

Akbar didn't even rule 50% of the land that comes under today's India. During Akbar's time, Vijayanagara was larger and richer than any Mughal city. India was the richest before the invasions.


Akbar and Christianity

Claim: Easter Celebrations at the Mughal Court. Father Jerome Xavier was in Lahore from 1595 until 1615. writes “the feasts of Christmas and Easter are kept at Lahore with great solemnity, and the church being so large and beautiful, everything can be well carried out”

Fact: Shah Jahan passed orders and destroyed that same Lahore Church where Easter was celebrated. After Shahjahan leveled that Church to the ground, it was abandoned and never again heard of. For a few years, they secretly celebrated the mass on the ground floor, but that was quickly given up. Not just the Lahore Church, even its parent Agra Church was destroyed in 1635. Farman of Shah Jahan dated 23 December 1635. It was an order to demolish the said Agra Church along with images of Jesus & Mary. It was issued on 23 December. The Church was demolished on Christmas.

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