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  1. In the 14th century, Kashmiri Sufi Sayyid Ali Hamadani passed orders prohibiting the repair of temples & forbade the construction of new ones. Hindus were forbidden to do idol worship. He was a descendent of Muhammad.
  2. Sufi Shah Hamadan's mosque was constructed after the destruction of Kali temple at the site. Even to this day, a Sindoor mark of the old temple and an old spring dedicated to the Goddess can be seen on the foundations of the mosque. Baharistan-I-Shahi, a 17th century Persian chronicle which praises Sufis of Kashmir , gloats that Hamadan built his mosque on top of a Hindu temple.
  3. According to Tarikh I Kashmir, Sufi Hamadani asked the Brahman of the Kali temple to recite Shahada and give up Hinduism (“idolatry”). The Brahman refused to chant Shahada. Enraged, Sufi Hamadani cut the Brahman's tongue along with his Janeu.

Both were put on public display.

  1. “The flag of Ali when be unfurled in Kashmir only when the sword of Islam sheds every single drop of Hindu blood and destroys each one of their idol houses and sacred threads” - Shamsuddin Araqi, Sufi Saint of Kashmir Source
  2. In 1921, Sufi Abu Musliyar did Moplah Jihad. 1000's converted. Sufi Abu Musliyar declared parts of Kerala as Islamic Caliphate. Hindu girls were raped in front of their fathers. His men kept swords on the eyes of fathers to force them to see their daughters getting raped. They have then married off to their rapists as ISIS does.
  3. In 1946, Beralvi Sufi Suhrawardy started Calcutta Killings. SUFI Suhrawardy launched Direct action day on the 18th day of Ramzan. “It was during Ramzan that battle of Badr was fought against idolaters and won by 333 Ms. It was in this month that army of 10,000 under Muhammad captured Mecca and established the kingdom of Islam in Arabia!“
  4. In 1946, Qadri Sufi Ghulam Sarwar started Jihad at Noahkhali on Laxmi Pooja. Sufi Ghulam Sarwar had Rajendralal Roychowdhury beheaded and his head was offered to him in a plate. SUFI Ghulam Sarwar did the same things that ISIS does. 3 Lakh houses of Hindus were burnt. Nehru refused to intervene in Noahkhali saying, ” Law & Order is a state subject!“ Source
  5. Even the most bigot Mughal Aurangzeb was a Sufi of Naqshbandi silsila.
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