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Waqf Board

There was no WAQF before 1954. Most of it was just abandoned land containing mosques that were built on top of temples.

It was in 1954 that Nehru created a WAQF board and handed over the land to them. It was 6 lakh crore acres in the beginning. Now it is 8 lakh crore. This handing over of national property to the WAQF board was firmly opposed by then President Rajendra Prasad.

Secular India has given the WAQF great authority to claim and seize properties.

If WAQF board “believes” any property to be WAQF , the onus is on property holder to “show cause” that it is not WAQF property. The order made by WAQF board will be final

In Karnataka, Waqf Board had claimed a Jain Basadi land which had an illegal mosque and took over temple land. After Hindu groups took this matter with Udupi MLA,govt denotified the land grant to Waqf Board and took it under its administration.

WAQF board has claimed ownership of Beyt Dwaraka Islands. Beyt Dwaraka is the Dwaraka of Mahabharata. Excavations carried out in 1980s revealed an ancient civilization.



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