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1971 War

1971 Indo-Pakistan War

  1. Pak’s military ruler Yahya Khan declared polls in Dec 1970.
  2. Sheikh Mujibur Rehman won big time in East Pakistan. So, Yahya Khan ordered a crackdown on 25th March 1970. Indira Gandhi did nothing.
  3. On 25th May 1971, Atal Ji shook the Indira Gandhi government in parliament & asked the Govt to intervene to end genocide in west Pak, to recognize Bangladesh, to awaken the world about what’s happening in west Pakistan. Vajpayee
  4. On 2nd July 1971, Jana Sangh passed a resolution in Udaipur to mobilize public opinion on Pakistan’s barbarism, recognizing Swadhin B’desh, the release of Sheikh Mujibur Rehman & asked Govt for military action against Pakistan’s aggression on our borders. But Indira Gandhi did not act.
  5. In Dec 1971, when the situation was almost out of hand & Bharatiya Jana Sangh’s pressure was politically threatening for Indira Gandhi, she acted & moved the Indian army.
  6. Indian army won it for us & then Indira signed the Shimla agreement, where Pak walked away with 93,000 army men & 9,000 sq. km of territory.