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Allah Baksh Sumroo

Allah Baksh Sumroo - a freedom fighter or an Islamist?

Claim: Freedom fighter Allah Baksh Sumroo’s was committed to undivided India


Fact: Allah Baksh Sumroo was the man who said India should not be partitioned because entire India belonged to Mughals. And Islam should ultimately rule over entire India. He organized the “Azam Muslim conference” against Pakistan’s demand for the league. Allah Baksh Sumroo the hero from the Muslim majority province of Sindh who opposed the Jinnah and Muslim League. The hero gathered 75,000 people to condemn the Muslim league. Instead of Pakistan, Sumroo opted for a united India, but he demanded preferential constitutional rights safeguarding the “legitimate interests” of Muslims. It will be written by Muslim members of the constituent assembly. Non-Muslims will not have any right to interfere in it.

Further, Sumroo demanded that in Independent India

  1. Muslims should have constitutional protection for Muslim culture, religious & personal rights including Sharia

2)Muslim members of a constituent assembly for framing the Muslim constitution will be elected by Muslims themselves

There will be a 27 member Muslim body elected by Muslims themselves which would have the virtual strength of half the lower house of parliament. They resolved to make provisions to the effect that the Muslim body will have the veto power. No bill would pass without their approval.

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar termed their demands as “frightful & dangerous alternative to Pakistan”. He wondered whether Hindus would be better off conceding Pakistan rather than giving in to such outrageous demands. In his words, it was virtually “handing over the country” to them.

Irfan Habib Hails Sumroo as a great secular icon. However, it was exactly when Sumroo was premier of Sindh that violent anti-Hindu Sukkur riots took place. Almost 90% of victims were minority Hindus. This began a mass exodus of Sindhi Hindus to regions that would become India.

Sumroo was very lenient towards the rioters. He released those rioters who were involved in Anti Hindu riots. They were not brought to book. He simply handed over the Manzilgah just opposite to and within premises of the Hindu temple to the Muslim mob that went on a rampage.