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Battle of Haldighati

Battle of Haldighati

80,000 Mughal forces Fought 20,000 Mewaris. Left Flank of Mughal Army fled the battlefield for 12 miles, first in 20 yrs since the defeat of Tardi Beg. Mughal Army attacked with the motive of subduing Mewar/capturing Maharana/defeat the spirit of Mewar, and they could get nothing.

Maharana didn’t inherit Mewar, but just a few forts and some land in hilly areas, most of the Mewar was already Lost in Siege of Chittor in 1567. Even after the Battle of Haldighati, Maharana still ruled the areas and have documentary evidence to provide that he issued land grants for the fighters of Haldighati.

Generals of the Mughal Army were banished from Mughal courts for six months after this battle. Interestingly, neither Ferishtah, not Khafi Khan, mentions this battle in any of their memoirs. Had they won, or had even slightest advance, Mughal courtiers who portrayed Akbars having supernatural powers had left a chance to demean Rajputs & praise Mughals?

One of the earliest known records of the war is an inscription dated 1652 in Jagdish Temple, Udaipur mentions a decisive victory for Mewar, it is to be noted that during this time Mewar was under Mughal dominance, had they been able to write a lie of such scale under Mughal Occupation? When Badayuni left Mewar after the end of the war, Mughals were so anxious about Maharana that around 300 soldiers were sent as a guard for a petty messenger. Mughals For some time captured Gogunda, but Mewaris already abandoned that to limit the resources of Mughals. So, the Mughal Army was neither able to capture Maharana, nor annihilate Mewar, Mewari spirit, or Maharana’s control over his subjects. Akbar was not pleased with the outcome of the war. Mughal historians didn’t mention the war due to its result. Still, Mughals won?

Moreover, there has been a notion in India where one war that was lost by Indic forces is popularised, and rest, where they won, are ignored. Rana Sanga won 80 wars, subdued the Delhi Sultanat twice, defeated Gujarat Sultanate thrice. But we talk of only Khanwa. Rana Kumbha routed the Nagaur sultanate in a day, and the Nagaur sultanate vanished from the face of the earth, which could have been another Bahamani in North. Still, not even a line is dedicated to his achievements in NCERT books. We need serious self-introspection about our history.