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Bollywood Subtle Bias Against Non Muslims

Bollywood’s subtle bias against Kaafirs (non-Muslims)

  1. “Kaafir jhuk jaaye dar pe farmaye mujhse tu hi hai bandagi” - The Kaafir(Hindu) bows down at my door and says-I am your slave -
    (3:16 onwards)
  2. Bandagi (slavery) is an innate characteristic of a Kaafir (non-Muslim). A Kaafir is after all doomed to be a slave.
  3. “Varna hai milta kahan Hum kaafiron ko khuda” - “How on earth would God be available to us Kaafirs (non-Muslims)”. Of course, in their theology, Kafirs are doomed to eternal hell. God turns himself away from them.
    (1:52 onwards)
  4. Kafir symbolizes everything opposite of piety, including lust. A dancer searching for a stranger who had fled & is hiding after literally “burning her”(Jalakar jo chup gaya hai) on that very night (Haaye aaj ki raat) has “Kaafir Aankhein” (lusty eyes) -
  5. Kafir also stands for a pervert. A man lusting after an item dancer whom he calls “Saali”,“Kalank” (derogatory) but also “intoxicating”. Says his body is sinning (“paapi hai ang merit”). He has ‘Kaafirana Niyat’(“perverted intention”).
  6. A Kaafir is also untrustworthy. “Dil Ka Bharosa Kya Hai Dil To Kaafir Hai” - How to believe my heart? My heart is just Kaafir.

Bollywood and Islam

  1. Sanjay Dutt is the son of Fatimah Rasheed ( Nargis). Sunil Dutt couldn’t believe that his son kept bombs and AK 47 at home. When Sunil asked him Why? Sanjay Dutt said, “Because I have Muslim blood in my veins!”
  2. Raees is based on Abdul Lateef. Abdul was involved in providing RDX for 93 bomb blasts. SRK whitewashed Abdul Lateef’s involvement in 93 blasts in his film Raees. The biggest star of India made a film whitewashing an Islamic terrorist.
  3. Shahid Kapoor is the son of Neelima Azeem. He played ‘Haider’ glorifying the propaganda of Islamic terrorists in Kashmir. Sikander Butshikan destroyed the Martand temple in the 15th century. Jihadi ‘Haider’ danced in the ruins of the same temple that Jihadi Butshikan destroyed.
  4. Shabana Azmi’s father Kaifi Azmi wrote “Agli Eid Pakistan mein” to support Jinnah’s campaign.
  5. Javed Akhtar’s maternal uncle Mazaj Lakhnawi wrote poems for Jinnah’s campaign. Helped make Pak, then stayed back in India.
  6. Javed Akhtar’s great-grandfather Maulvi Fazle-e-Haq Khairabadi issued a fatwa to wage Jihad. India under Islamic rule was Darul Islam. British Rule has made it Darul Harb. So Jihad is required to make India Darul Islam again.