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Deoband Supported British Rule

Islam and British rule

How Deoband supported British rule

“We are the most loyal subjects of Her Majesty (Queen Victoria). We denounce all forms of opposition to the throne and pray for the welfare and everlasting glory of the British empire which we are duty-bound to serve” - Muhammad Qasim Nanautavi, Deoband founder

Further, Deoband issued Fatwas permitting Muslims to work under British. They sought British aid in disputes with Hindus. Deoband celebrated the coronation of British kings and Queens with pomp. When Queen Victoria fell ill, Deoband organized official prayers.


Queen Victoria on Indian Muslims

Queen Victoria, the empress of the world, said - “Brahmins are the real opponents of British rule. They instigate the people against us. Muslims are the real supporters of British rule. We (British) should side with the Muslims as their religion is very much opposed to Idol worship”.