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Did Tipu Sultan Wore a Ring With RAM Written on It

Did Tipu Sultan wear a ring with Raam inscribed on it?

Claim: Muslim King, Tipu Sultan used to wear a ring on which ‘Ram’ was inscribed

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Fact: Tipu never wore this ring. The ring was a part of Tipu’s collection of loot he accumulated throughout his career. There is not one reference that Tipu ever wore this ring. This is a recently manufactured fake myth that it was found on his dead body.

There is an account by Major Alexander Allan who is history’s only known eyewitness of Tipu’s body just a few moments after he died. He reports the entire scene and describes Tipu’s body. He explicitly mentions that Tipu had no ornaments as he lay dying.

Tipu Sultan is known to us from Persian, Arabic, English, French & Kannada sources. Not one historical source mentions that Tipu wore a ring with Rama engraved on it. The original description of the artifact from the owning auction house does not say Tipu wore this ring.

Other Tipu apologists have claimed that this ring was given to Tipu by Sringeri Shankaracharya. Again, there is no evidence that this Rama ring was given to Tipu by Sringeri Shankaracharya. Tipu looted and destroyed many temples, this could easily have come from one of them