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Evils of Henry Kissinger

The evils of Henry Kissinger

Kissinger was a megalomaniac, who put his pet project above the lives of millions of people.

Vietnam war

The beauty of Henry Kissinger is that he started to be evil, before he actually got into the position where he could be actually evil. In 1968, the US Presidential election was fought between Hubert Humphreys and Richard Nixon. And the Vietnam war was raging on the side.

Humphreys was promising the end of the war. He had even started negotiations with the Vietnamese. It was all Good. But for one thing. Henry Kissinger. Kissinger at that time, was Humphreys trusted advisor. But he had also made a deal with Nixon for a senior position.

And for that, Kissinger went behind Humphreys back, leaked secret information to Nixon, who then used it to sabotage the negotiations. Hence Nixon won. And the war went on for 5 more years, resulting in thousands of American deaths and widespread destruction. What Kissinger and Nixon did was actually treason. And the punishment for treason is death. But Nixon got the Nobel Peace Prize.


In 1971, everyone and his dog, told Nixon that Pakistan was conducting one of the worst genocides in history in Bangladesh. Nixon could have stopped it with one phone call. But Kissinger convinced him otherwise, because Yahya Khan and Pakistan, was Kissinger’s only conduit to China. What’s the value of the lives of Three Hundred thousand Bangladeshis in front of it.

Kissinger gave free reign to Yahya and his butchers, who then went on a spree of mass murder which didn’t stop until India invaded and kicked their miserable ass. Kissinger even convinced Nixon to send in a US Naval force to stop India. But backed off after Soviets intervened.


In the mid 1970s, during the Vietnam war, Kissinger decided that Cambodia and Laos were supporting to North Vietnam. Let me tell you a secret. They weren’t. But Kissinger wasn’t bothered about stuff like that. So he bombed them and killed 1,50,000 civilians, who were doing their job. He dropped more bombs in Cambodia, that what US dropped on Japan in WW2. And he gave zero fucks about it.

But what he did precipated a bigger disaster for Cambodia. Khmer Rouge & Pol Pot came to power. And what did they do? The most famous tourist site in Phnom Penh is called the Killing Fields. And the star attraction there’s a 300 foot tower, filled with human skulls.

Skulls of the victims of Pol Pot and Khmer Rouge. And that is what is known. And in this case, we will never know. Pol Pot and Khmer Rouge genocide so much of Cambodia that they still haven’t recovered 50 years later. And Kissinger was directly responsible for that.


In 1970, Chileans democratically elected a guy called Salvador Allende. Kissinger didn’t like that. So he organized a coup, killed Allende & installed a dictator Augusto Pinochet. Who, in his reign killed more than 10k people.


Post his Chilean adventure, Kissinger then turned to Europe. In 1974, He supported the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, which resulted in the deaths of 10k Cypriots & the partition of the country. Cyprus, a tiny country, is partitioned till today, because of Kissinger. His exact quote on Turkey’s invasion was “The Turkish tactics are right – grab what they want and then negotiate on the basis of possession”.

East Timor

The list of Kissinger’s evils are so bad, that his sideshows are genocides in their own right. In 1975, He encouraged Indonesia to invade East Timor, which killed 25% of East Timorese population.


He propped up a dictator in Mobuto in Zaire, who was so bad, that his personal wealth thru corruption, exceeded the GDP Of the country.


Kissinger called Indira Gandhi, India’s PM, a witch & a bitch, just because he didn’t like her. And in 1989, he successfully exerted diplomatic pressure on India, on behalf of Union Carbide, to settle the Bhopal case.


Yes, all the evils, all the atrocities, all of the murders and genocides that Kissinger was responsible for happened between 1968 and 1976. His body count in this thread alone, exceeds 3 million people. Entire books have been written about his evilness alone. And he did all of this in 8 years.

There’s a podcast called Behind the Bastards, who dedicated Six hours to the evilness of Henry Kissinger. It’s like God created Good people, then bad people, then scum. Then took some time out and created Kissinger.


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