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Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush Mountains


This stunning mountain range had a beautiful Sanskrit name. It was called Uparisyena (उपरिश्येन). It literally meant “beyond the (reach of) eagles”. Then they killed enslaved and converted all Hindus of this region. They renamed the mountain “Hindu Kush” which literally means “Hindu Kill”.

The admission comes from contemporary Islamic scholar Ibn Battuta(14th century). He says: They used to transport Hindu slaves across this mountain. It was named the Hindu Kush or “Hindu slayer” because of the death of Hindus due to forcible transportation.

Recently, some apologist “scholars” have created a conspiracy theory that the Hindu Kush comes from “Hind Koh” or “Hind Mountains”. Such a false theory falls apart on the first examination of primary evidence.

  1. The Hindu Kush ranged was never attested in inscriptions or literature as “Hindu Koh”. Such a word does not exist and is purely a speculation/creation of these scholars.
  2. Even the Persians and Afghans used to call it by its Sanskritic original name before the advent of Islam. Before the 7th century, the mountain was known as “Abarsen” in Persian & Upairisaena in Avestan (which is equivalent to/ borrowing from the Sanskrit word)