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Hindu Marriage and Night

Why are North Indian Hindu marriages held at night?

Claim: There have been several claims on the Internet claiming that Hindu marriages happen at night because, during the medieval period, Mughals could abduct the bride during the daytime.

Fact: This is a total myth. Abductions could have happened at night as well.

Night weddings happen even in South India. In fact, some pre-Islamic Hindu scriptures recommend such a Muhurta at night. The groom shows the stars Vasiṣṭha-Arundhati (Mizar-Alcor) to the bride.

The great Vijayanagara emperor Krishnadevaraya’s wedding muhurta was at 3 AM. It is worth asking which Muslim invader, he feared, would abduct his bride?

Many Tamilians traditionally had Muhurta in the day because they followed the Sauramana system. Many Telugus traditionally had Muhurta in the night because they followed the Chandramana system. Either has nothing to do with “Islamic invasions”. Hindu traditions are much older than that.