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Hinduism and Women

Hinduism and Women

Rigveda on Women

Claim: Rig Veda says do not to make lasting friendships with women because she would be like a hyena.

Fact: These words were spoken by an Apsara named Urvashi. It was not the view sponsored by Rigveda. The commentator on this Rgvedic verse says Urvashi’s speech was “not ideal” in words and thoughts.

Observation of Muslim Scholars

“Hindustan is the only country in the world whose women are well versed in the laws of religion, nature and medicine. In erudition, their women could put to shame any scholar from Baghdad and Rum(Rome)”

-Abd-al-Razzāq Samarqandī (15th century) - Source

Women as Scholars

The debate between the two greatest ever scholars of Hinduism: Adi Shankaracharya and Mandana Mishra! Who was the judge? A learned woman named Ubhaya Bharati - Source

Praising Women

“Woman is the creator of the universe. She is the body of the universe. she is the foundation of three worlds. The essence of our body. There is no jewel rarer than a woman”- Shaktisangama Tantra

“The learning found among women forms the conclusion of dharma… one should learn the remaining Dharmas from women and people of all classes"– Apastamba Dharmasutra 2.29.11