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How Usa Funded Hitler

How United States funded Hitler

Germany did not have enough oil reserves to carry out a large scale military invasion. It was US which provided much needed oil to Hitler in the world war II. This helped him secure victories in France and Poland.


Hitler’s minister Albert Speer confessed that without US help, Hitler would never even have thought of invading Poland and starting world war II.


American corporate MNCs invested around 475 million dollars in Hitler’s Nazi Germany by 1941.


Role of the US Multinationals


It was the famous American Multinational Company IBM which provided Hitler with the Punch-Card technology. This Punch Card technology was useful for Hitler in Identifying Jews, sending them to concentration camps and orchestrating a Holocaust.


By September 1941, America supplied 94% of Nazi Germany’s motor oil import.



American MNCs General Motors and Ford funded Nazi party. They were richly rewarded and controlled 70% of Nazi car market. The Nazi Army war vehicles and equipment in the World War II were supplied by Ford.

This was not merely business transaction. Many American MNC founders held the same views and had same ideology as Hitler. Henry Ford, the founder of Ford motors was himself a Nazi. He admired and supported Hitler. He heavily funded Hitler’s operations. Hitler once said that it was Ford’s Anti Semitic book, ’the international Jew’, which inspired him. Hitler even kept a portrait of Ford in his office. Hitler honored Ford with Grand Cross of German Eagle. This was the highest award that could be conferred on a foreigner.



DuPont also invested heavily in Hitler’s army. They even smuggled weapons for Hitler and made great business in Nazi Germany. DuPont chairman was an admirer of Hitler and he funded Nazi party.


Cola Cola

Coca Cola made great profits in Nazi Germany. Its manager Max Keith was an admirer of Hitler.


General Motors

Even after US officially entered the world war, American MNC General Motors produced planes and trucks for Hitler. Hitler showed his appreciation by honoring General Motors head in 1943. This was proudly advertised by General Motors themselves.


It must be noted that America did not join the war until its own port Pearl Harbor was bombed. And even then, it had declared a war only on Japan. America had not declared any war on Nazi Germany. America had not joined the war because of Hitler’s attacks on Jews.

It was actually Hitler who first declared war on America on 11 December 1941. Hitler made this move hoping to get Japan’s support in his war against Russia. In other words, America was pulled into the war against its own will. It had hitherto been profiting from the war by selling weapons to belligerents.

After the declaration of war, what did the Americans do?

Absolutely nothing. They were watching from the sidelines as Russia was battling Nazis in a devastating war.

In world war II, the highest casualties belonged to Soviet Union. Resisting Nazi onslaught, 27 million Russians lost their lives in the battle or were injured. This is 25% of their population. As of result of this devastation, even today, Russia has a very skewed gender ratio of 82% because of the men killed in world war. They still have not recovered from this world war destruction. In other words, it was Russian blood, perseverance and sacrifice which resisted and ultimately defeated Nazis.

While Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia was bleeding each other to death, US and UK were safely watching from sidelines. Soviet Union had literally begged for a second front on western frontier, but these requests were not answered. The second front was opened very late only in June 1944, when it became clear that Soviet was winning the war. The second front was opened when soviets no longer wanted it or needed it. When it was finally opened in Normandy on the west, it was not to assist Russia. It was to prevent them from winning the war on their own and becoming masters of Europe.


US did not join the world war to defeat Nazis. It joined World War after Nazis were already badly defeated and routed in the Battle of Stalingrad in 1943. In other words, it joined the World War to prevent the Russians from winning the European war spoils.


When US troops finally landed in France in June 1944, they did not exactly behave as paragon of ’empathy’. The saviors, who were sent to relieve their ally France from Nazis, began their ’liberation’ by indulging in large scale rape of local French women.

US aid to Soviet Russia

A very commonly propagated myth is that Soviets managed to survive and win against Nazis only because of American Lend-Lease aid. This myth is widespread as many of the replies show. Below I will respond to this preposition.

Here is the truth of the so called ‘US aid’ to Russia in world war II.

  • First of all, it was an economic transaction. Soviets were required to pay in cash.
  • Second, the US supplies were modest and insignificant. US supplies increased only after Russia turned the tide of war by itself.
  • At no point did US aid exceed more than 4 or 5 percent of total soviet war production.
  • We must not forget that US and its MNCs provided aid, weapons and oil to Nazi Germany. Thus, any advantage provided to soviets was offset by aid provided to Nazi Germany.

In other words, attributing Soviet success to mythical US aid is a shameless enterprise of stealing credit after the war had been won by Russians.