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Jotirao Phule

Jyotirao Phule

Jotirao was born in an affluent family of flower merchants. In his childhood, he joined a missionary school founded by Major turned pastor James Candi. He was taught about Catholic practices by Rev. James Mitchell and Murray Mitchell.

There were a lot of clashes in the Phule household owing to his Catholic beliefs and acute hatred for Hindu traditions. His wife, Savitribai, was not interested in Catholic teachings but Jotirao forced her into it. This alienated him from his family as well as society. While the whole Hindu community viewed Islamic invaders as barbarians, Jotirao considered them as saviors. In his Powada, he glorified the Prophet as ‘Jahanmard’ whose teachings of Monotheism saved Hindus from False Gods. This is a prime example of Hindu Hatred.

In his book ‘Shetkaryacha Asud’, Jotirao spewed venom against the Marathi Saints Sant Dnyaneshwar and Samarth Ramdas. He called them scheming and disregarded Dnyaneshwari and Dasbodh. He even mentions Ch. Shivaji Maharaj as Illiterate (अक्षरशून्य). That’s the extent of hate. So well known was his Hindu hatred that his family disowned him. The grandson of his brother refused to unveil Jotirao’s statue stating the fact that he was a missionary sympathizer. I for one cannot call such a vile person a Mahatma. Those who wish are free to do so.

For years, caste-based parties like NCP, Republican Party used the writings of Phule to demean and insult Sangh and Sanghis. He was the perfect idol for Brahman haters. How ironic was it when the descendants of Jotirao’s Family embraced the RSS philosophy to become Sanghis.


  1. Shetkaryacha Aasud (Jotiba Phule)
  2. Satyashodhak ki Christsevak (G M Nalawade)