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Kerala Islamic History Textbook

Kerala Islamic History Textbooks

Kerala has two courses on Islamic History & culture in class XI & XII as part of its State curriculum. The content being taught reeks of hatred for Jews, false information & glorification of one of the most violent periods in world history.

A mere reading of these paragraphs reminds one of the propaganda unleashed by the Church & many of the European countries against Jews. All this eventually culminated in the Holocaust.

The textbook, without as much an iota of shame, justifies the invasion of Sind, using an unsubstantiated, potentially false excuse. It makes no mention of the ideas of Islamic expansion & conversion of people to Islam as a motivation for wars.

Socrota was a well-known port at least since the early yrs of the Common Era, with a significant presence of Indian traders in that time. The textbooks hide the scale of desecration, murder, loot & enslavement that followed Sind’s conquest & whitewashes it as peaceful coexistence.

According to the textbook, lack of a prophet, a revealed book & idolatry represent ’lowest moral ebb’. Women are shown as a commodity, that the Arabs used as a ‘pass time’. Polytheism is of course bad.