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How Lebanon became a Muslim-majority country

  1. How political Islam conquers a non-Muslim country even in the contemporary age
  2. It is not allowed for a Muslim to live in a country ruled by a non-Muslim. That is because non-Muslims are necessarily inferior to Muslims in the Islamic scheme of things. If they actually do they should strive to convert that country into a Muslim majority country.
  3. Lebanon is a small country in West Asia on the Mediterranean coast. In 1970s, except Israel, it was the only non-Muslim majority country in the region. And it was also the only other democracy. And it was its democracy which ultimately led to its takeover by Muslims.
  4. Lebanon is an ancient country mentioned in the Bible. Its Bekaa valley is famous as the quintessential mountainous terrain near the sea. Until 1975 Lebanon was what they meant by Levantine culture. Benign in weather and culture also. Good food, hospitality and diverse culture.
  5. Beirut, its capital was called the Paris of the East. Despite being resource rich, it was always a great city because Lebanon is a part of the Levant, which connects Africa, Asia and Europe and so always on the trade crossroads of three continents making it rich and diverse.
  6. Its cultural diversity was legendary. It was the only home to the Maronite Christians, an ancient branch of eastern Syrian Christianity which had been wiped out from its original home in Antioch (which is now a completely Muslim city in Turkey).
  7. Lebanon was also home to the last of the Greek Catholics left in Asia. There are very few of them and the only culture they identify with is Orthodox. So it is a special group. It was also home to the last Greek Orthodox left in Asia after Turkey had cleansed them all.
  8. After the fall of the Ottoman Empire, Lebanon and Syria came became French colonies optimistically called as ‘Protectorates’. They were one country with a unified command. But by 1944 the decolonization era had begun and the French were preparing to leave the country.
  9. At their independence the former French Mandate of Syria was divided into two independent countries with Lebanon as the Christian majority country and Syria as the Muslim majority country. Lebanon was a democracy while Syria was a dictatorship.
  10. And as soon as Lebanon became independent, the neighboring Islamic countries set about for invading and turning it into an Islamic country by changing its demography. This is where we need to understand the refugee strategy of Islam.
  11. Islam uses Muslim refugees as foot soldiers of Islamic expansion in non-Muslim countries. In a brilliant tactical maneuver, Islam has managed to turn even a great humanitarian crisis, like a civil war, or a plunging economy, into an instrument of Islamic expansion.
  12. Even a civil war in a completely Islamic country is something that Islam turns into a vehicle of Islamic colonization of neighboring non-Muslim countries. The civil war displaces people in massive numbers with unspeakable atrocities and great human tragedy.
  13. The tragedy is genuine but it is used for an ulterior motive. These refugees then flee outside the borders of the Islamic countries from where they come from: and they appeal to non-Muslim countries for asylum.
  14. Many goals are achieved with this: first the refugees do get a better life in a democracy run by non-Muslim ethics and law. They enjoy all the fruits of a free country. And they get to further the cause of Islam, by increasing Muslim population in a non-Muslim country.
  15. This is exactly what happened with an unsuspecting Christian majority in Lebanon in 1970-71. Jordan and Syria pushed the runt of their Muslim populations towards Lebanon, the only non-Muslim majority country in the region except Israel, changing its delicate demography.
  16. Terrorist organizations (Shia & Sunni) encouraged Muslims to infiltrate key government institutions & start agitation to take control, but under the label of ‘Left’. Foot soldiers of Islamic terrorists in Lebanon became ‘leftist’, without having to do anything with the left.
  17. Automatically the hapless majority Christians became ‘rightist’, for no reason. The terrorists knew that in a world which had just recovered from a World War started by a Nazi-fascist alliance would lap up anything and anyone going by the tag ‘leftist’.
  18. This is exactly what happened. Global media demonized Christian ‘majority’ of Lebanon in rabid leftist swearology, calling them as fascists who were usurping the rights of the Muslim leftist minority. Muslims were depicted in terms designed to generate global sympathy.
  19. The truth was that Christians were barely 52-54% by 1971 in Lebanon & they were being constantly invaded by Muslim refugees. The truth was that Lebanon had just a few lakh Christians while it was surrounded an ocean of 50 Islamic countries containing crores of Muslims.
  20. So a ‘rightist’ Christian ‘majority’ of few lakh isolated Lebanese Christians was portrayed as the ‘oppressor’ against a rapidly increasing population of ‘leftist’ ‘oppressed’ Muslims who took benefit of trans-national networks of global Islam of a billion strong population.
  21. The Muslims started taking city after city. First western Beirut, then Sidon, then Tyre. These ancient Christian cities were completely Islamized. The Muslims had now grown to around 44%. It is then that they started the Civil War.
  22. Leftist historians still whitewash the Lebanese Civil War saying that it is the Christians who started it. (Just like in #NupurSharma case). But the Muslim attacks on Christians had become so frequent that the Christians had no option but to defend what was left.
  23. As city after city was cleansed of Christians they started armed defense of their territories. Soon a full blown Civil War was upon them. The Christians were isolated militarily, geographically and ideologically with the world media still portraying them as aggressors.
  24. And the Muslims were globally networked with all Islamic countries and had a geographical contiguity with a Muslim country Syria which was too willing to provide them with arms, terrorists and more Muslim refugees to further tilt the balance in Islam’s favor.
  25. The Civil War lasted ten years till 1991 and by the time it ended the situation had reversed and Muslims had become majority and Christians had become minority. The situation is getting worse every year with Christians migrating to Americas every year.
  26. Lebanon has now a 63% Muslim majority with current Islamic refugee crisis adding more trouble. Every year the Christians are fleeing to South America, seen as safe haven for them and the Hezbollah, as well as Sunni terrorist organizations are becoming stronger.
  27. The outcome of the War was decided even before it officially started. A loose coalition of local Christian militias, beleaguered by the West, were no match against the well coordinated Muslims, backed by global Islamic community with a mission of conquering the world.
  28. Post-war, Muslims forced Christian militias to give up arms while Islamic terrorist organizations like Hezbollah came to virtually rule the country and used it as a springing board of Iran to attack Israel. So did the Sunni terrorist organizations use Lebanon against Israel.
  29. The lesson to learn here is this: no war with Islam is local. Islam always thinks globally. Local majority of non-Muslims means nothing, especially if you are in a geographical region surrounded by Muslim countries. Non-Muslims in such case are always minorities.
  30. The Lebanon story has much to teach India. Our situations are frighteningly similar. India is a lone Hindu majority country surrounded by fundamentalist Islamic countries. Indian Muslims play victimhood as minority while coordinating with global Islam.
  31. Indian Muslims align with the Left, while portray the Hindus as rightists. Global media, quite literally paid by Islamic countries and terrorist organizations demonize Hindus globally and spreads the myth of persecuted Muslim minority of India.
  32. Hindus see the Hindu-Muslim problem as the local thing. While the Muslims are clear that they are fighting a global war of world conquest and domination by Islam and Muslims. Hindus are infighting while Muslims are united, just like Christians in Lebanon.
  33. In Lebanon, Syria provided arms and terrorists and Jordan provided Muslim refugees. In India too, Pakistan provides arms and terrorists while Bangladesh provides us Muslim refugees. Pockets in India are now completely Islamic just like Lebanon.
  34. If Hindus hope to survive as Hindus and preserve Hindu culture, civilization and the way of living, the case of Lebanon is a grim reminder and a potent warning about what lies ahead in the path.