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Madan Lal Dhingra

Madan Lal Dhingra

The revolutionary side of the Indian freedom struggle is oppressed and suppressed in Indian History, with only cursory mentions of the Chaphekar Brothers, Khudiram Bose, the Ghadar movement, etc. One of the guys in that cursory mentioned list was Madanlal Dhingra.

He was a 26-year-old youth, who was studying in London. There, He was heavily inspired by Savarkar and India house. So when a senior British dude, Curzon Wylie was trying to infiltrate India’s house and incriminate Savarkar, he shot him dead in 1909. He was sentenced to death. He was hanged, in London, in 1909. His final speech & conduct was so moving, that they even affected future English PMs, David Lloyd George, and Winston Churchill. They called Dhingra one of the best patriots they had ever seen.

Madanlal Dhingra’s father was a British Civil Surgeon Ditta Mal Dhingra. He was ultra-close to the British and some say that he was a close friend of the same Curzon Wylie. So when he heard the news, he disowned his son and declared him mentally ill.

He even forbade his family to acknowledge Madan Lal Dhingra in any which way. This is why nobody had any idea where his remains were. Which is how it stayed till 1976. They were accidentally found when searching for Udham Singh’s remains as both were hanged in the same place. So when Govt of India brought back his ashes, you expected his surviving kith and kin to come out and celebrate this great freedom fighter right? No, they didn’t.

They refused to acknowledge him and his existence. And they still do. They boycott all functions celebrating him.

When Dhingra’s descendants were selling the ancestral house, in Amritsar, an MP offered them a price more than the market rate. He wanted to convert it into a museum for Madan Lal Dhingra. Not only did they refuse, but they also went ahead and sold it to someone else for a lower price. This shows that, when some Indians got colonised and became British, they went the whole way and have stayed that way for more than 110 years.