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Mughals and the Drain of Wealth

Mughals exported wealth out of India. In just one instance in 1659, Aurangzeb exported to Mecca 660,000 rupees in an era when one rupee fetched 280 kilograms of rice. Exported 70 lakhs to Muslim countries in 6 years. This amount was almost twice the total revenue of England. This wasn’t foreign diplomacy since nothing but Islamic relics ever came back in return. Same Aurangzeb hanged to trees all Indian peasants who had defaulted on tax. Did they get back any gifts? No. Contemporary traveler François Bernier was attached to the court of Aurangzeb. He says in very clear words that gifts brought by foreign Muslim kings and Mecca sharifs were petty and cheap. Their real intention behind these missions was to receive valuable gifts from Aurangzeb. For example, What foreign Muslim kings gave Aurangzeb - broom used to sweep floors of Kaaba and what Aurangzeb gave them - gold, diamonds, and Millions from Indian treasury.