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Mukhi Family

Mukhi Palace and the fate of Hyderabad (Sindh)


Beautiful Mukhi Palace was built in Hyderabad (Sindh) in 1921 by a Hindu named Mukhi Jethanand. The palace has 12 rooms. Even its doors & windows are made of Sheesham wood. In 1947, its family members were killed & driven out. They left for India leaving everything behind.

According to Mukhi family members, there used to be a colossal Murti of Krishna in the front room of the palace. It was destroyed by local goons of the Muslim League party during the partition. Pakistan Government took over the property and turned it into a Govt controlled tourist side. Recently, Mukhi family members reclaimed the property. But their claims were turned down by Pakistan. Mukhi family members used to host Jawaharlal Nehru whenever he went to Sindh. But when partitioned happened in 1947 and the family was targeted, no help came from him.


Before Partition, Hindus were more than 70% of Hyderabad (Sindh). They owned more than 90% of land and property in Hyderabad city. Today, Hyderabad (Sindh) is a part of Pakistan. The Hindu population is less than 5% and the property they own is less than 1%.