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Myth of Jodha Akbar

Akbar had 300 wives. His harem, including the wives & concubines, had a strength of 5000. Akbar married Rajput princesses from pretty much every region of Rajputana (except Mewar). No Jodha bai is mentioned anywhere among wives & concubines. In fact, it was not Akbar but his son Jahangir who had a Rajput wife/concubine named Jagat Gosain.She was from Jodhpur. Hence known as “Jodha Bai”! She was named Taj Bibi Bilqis. And she was converted to Islam. She was buried like a Muslim and her grave is at Suhagpura, Agra. These romantic myths of Jodha-Akbar are not even found in one single source of Akbar or Jahangir. These tales of Jodha are first found in the writings of James Todd(c.1820), a British colonial pseudo-Historian who also wrote many other such fantasies.