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Nehru and Balochistan

Balochistan accede to India during partition, but India refused to accept this and turned a blind eye

The Indian Prime Minister then, turned down an offer by the “King” or Khan of Kalat, Mir Ahmadyar Khan to accede to India. He was shocked after listening to VP Menon’s (Secretary in the Ministry) press conference in the All India Radio on March 27, 1948. His broadcast said, “That the Khan of Kalat was pressing India to accept Kalat’s accession, but added that India would have nothing to do with it.” It is believed that the next day Sardar Patel moved swiftly and contradicted the Secretary but the damage was done. (As quoted by my late father, then Capt. BM Lal who was in the newly converted Indian army-earlier British Army, and was located on duty at the Army Headquarters in New Delhi itself). …

Because Nehru had calculated that, a strong and stable Pakistan would secure India’s western flank from big power rivalry. However, he lacked pragmatism of realpolitik in the end. In fact, no nation in the history of the world has repeatedly shunned its natural expansion and that to by denying reclaiming legitimate areas. The concept of greater India or Bharat was authenticated by a natural singular geographic landmass backed by history and the ancient Vedic literature.