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Pratapaditya - liberated Bengal from Akbar

During the rein of Akbar, a Hindu zamindar liberated a large part of south Bengal. Built the powerful navy, sails with cannon & protected his land for 25 years from Mughals.

Between 1585 to 1604, Pratapaditya stopped sending taxes to Akbar. He ruled a large area of Genetic delta, Jessore , Salka, Chandecan,Shripur Bakla region. Portuguese mission who visited in 1786, said the kings kingdom was so extensive that it would take 20 days to cover.

Pratapaditya built first naval forces in medieval India. Portuguese Jesuit mission in Bengal at prataditya’s time recorded many evidences. Father Sebastian noted, king had a good set of army including 80 sails of vessels well mounted with cannon.

Father Primenta’s letter says the lord of Sripur and Chandecan was most powerful. This country was great and fruitful. It had store of rice cotton and silk. Buildings were fair and high with large streets.

Between 1602-1606 de facto emperor Jahangir sent large army under Ismail Khan. Though the defeat of Jashohar was obvious , raja did not give up easily. Pratap’s son prince Udayaditya took the first baton of defence. He was stationed at Salka fort and from there he faced Mughals. [source: Baharistan]

Udayaditya fought a great battle but could not withstand against the huge Mughal forces. Mirza Nathan the commander under Ismail khan occupied the Salka fort. Udayditya managed to escape with 40 war boats. Mughal army now attacked the capital. Jashohar army under Pratap fought bravely till last weapon but failed to protect the fort. Pratapaditya was wonded, almost dead. He was captured. The glory of Jashohar ended. No historical data said what happened to king after that. Next day Mughal commander Mirza Nathan ordered the plunder of Jasjohar. The whole territory were looted.

Jashohar city is in Bangladesh now. The remains of pratapadity’s palace can be seen there. Pratapaditya built Jashoreswari kali temple in jashohar. In 2021, Indian Prime Minister Modi visited that temple.