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Rss and Golden Temple

How RSS saved Golden Temple (Amritsar) from Muslim League in 1947

In 1947 during Partition, Muslim League mobs encircled the Golden temple of Sikhs in Amritsar. They were about to destroy the temple. It was RSS Swayamsevaks of Amritsar who fought a pitched battle with the mobs. They saved the Sikh Golden temple from destruction.

It was March 6, 1947. The Muslim League mobs marched towards Harmandir Sahib. They raised slogans like “leke rahenge Pakistan” and “let us do what Abdali did”(Abdali had razed Harmndir Sahib). But then, there was a surprise awaiting the jihadi mobs. They were encircled, fiercely attacked, and repelled. They had to run for their lives. The attackers were none other than RSS Swayamsevaks. The jihadis were particularly terrified of one Swayamsevak called Bijli Pehelwan. RSS posted hundreds of Swayamsevaks around the Harmandir Sahib shrine to protect it from desecration by Muslim League mobs. The Swayamsevaks guarded the shrine 24*7. The Swayamsevaks were posted around the shrine for the entire year.

“The contribution of RSS Swayamsevaks during Partition is no way less than that of Jawans”- Brigadier GS Singh.


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