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Sacrifice of Unknown Hindu During Mughal Rule

Sacrifice of an unknown Hindu during the Mughal rule

Forgotten anecdote of exceptional bravery

In 1632, Mughal emperor Shah Jahan passed an order commanding the destruction of all new Hindu temples. He ordered his Governor to execute this task immediately.

On heating of this, a young Rajput boy hid himself. Seeing his time and laying siege, he killed the governor’s cousin and four other chiefs. When he was found and pursued, he killed 2 more with his dagger. He was apprehended and executed. He was hanged to a tree.

This boy showed exceptional bravery and conviction. He knew he was facing the mighty Mughal empire. He knew he had no chance and would be killed. He was a loneranger acting alone against the mightiest empire in the world. But he laid down his life in defence of Hinduism.

As Hindus have always been remarkably poor at history, we do not even know this boy’s name. We would not even have known about this incident but for foreign traveler Peter Mundy’s diary.



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