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Scientific Look at Ramayana

A scientific look at Ramayana

Our friends at 21notes has produced some great videos taking a more scientific look at Valmiki’s Ramayana. The whole series is worth watching. Here are a few notable ones that clears common misunderstandings about Ramayana.

Vanars are not monkeys - they are “van” + “nar” or forest dwelling humans

Ravan didn’t have ten heads. His headgear had nine heads

How Hanuman crossed the ocean

Ram-setu/Nal-setu is a dam and not a bridge

Kumbhakarna & Kleine-Levin Syndrome

A potential medical disorder that matches with Kumbhakarna’s condition.

Did Sita gave Agnipariksha

Did Ram banish Sita

Some questions around the veracity of Uttarkand.