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Second Longest Wall in World

The Great Wall of India


Kumbhalgarh Fort has an outer wall spanning 38KM, making it the second-longest continuous wall in the world after the Great Wall Of China.

The fort was built by the great Rajput King Maharana Kumbha (1433-1468 CE). The fort was personally designed by him.

He invited scholars from Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh (the so-called tailang brahmins ) to help him build this fort. The fort was built exceptionally strong and well planned. Throughout its history, no enemy had succeeded in breaking into the fort, the only exception being Akbar’s army in 1576.

Maharana Kumbha cared for his people. He didn’t build lavish personal monuments like the Taj Mahal. But after devastating invasions of Mahumad Khilji and khiljis atrocities on the people of Mewar, he built this fort to protect them from any such invasions in the future.

Kumbhalgarh fort separates Mewar from Marwar. The frontal walls of the fort are fifteen feet thick. Kumbhalgarh has seven fortified gateways.

Interestingly, the Kumbhalgarh fort has 360 temples. Although Maharana was a Hindu, 300 temples are Jain and only 60 are Hindu. Most of these temples were built under the patronage of Maharana Kumbha and his dynasty. More than anything, this throws light on religious tolerance shown by the Hindu Rajput dynasty of Mewar towards the people of other Indic religions.

PS- After the Great Walls of China, two other walls in the world were historically longer than Kumbhalgarh.

These were the Antonine wall (63 km) and the Anastasian wall (56km). But both these walls are destroyed/ruined and do not exist anymore.