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Sonia Gandhi

Sonia Gandhi

  1. Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi happened on 21 May 1991 and just one month after an NGO was created with the name of Rajiv Gandhi Foundation on 21 June 1991. Sonia Gandhi established a UK branch too in 1993 and the UK government passed a motion regarding it in the presence of Sonia Gandhi.
  2. Sonia Gandhi also Visited the USA in 1993 for work regarding the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation.
  3. In April 1993, Soros launched Open Society Foundation in New York.
  4. In December 1994, an NGO was launched named “The Forum of Democratic Leaders in the Asia-Pacific “(FDL-AP). Among the few other goals, this NGO’s main goal was “Independent Kashmir”!
  5. Sonia Gandhi was co-President in this forum as a “Chairperson of Rajiv Gandhi Foundation” Please note, as a Chairperson of ‘Rajiv Gandhi Foundation’! Almost all other members of FDL-AP were pro-USA! One of the principal financial donors for this NGO was the Soros Foundation (Open Society Foundation)!
  6. In 1999, a Kandahar hijack happened! Before that flight reached Kandahar, it landed in UAE for fuel refilling. UAE authorities allowed the USA ambassador to enter the airport, but didn’t allow the Indian ambassador! After that, they reached Kandahar Afghanistan which was under the Taliban at that time. In those days, the USA supported Taliba as a counter to Russia!
    1. Hijackers demanded the release of 36 terrorists in the beginning, but it came to 3 terrorists including Masood Azhar after bargaining. In that list of 36, one name was “Latif” but he was not released. Just remember this name.
    2. Do note that the FBI had a special interest in Massod Azhar as they “interviewed” him multiple times between 1995 and 1998 while he was in Indian Jail!
    3. After his release, Masood Azhar reached Pakistan with the help of ISI and started Jaish-E-Mohammed a terrorist organization whose goal is ‘Free Kashmir’ too!
  7. In June 2001, Sonia Gandhi visited the USA where she had 5 day stay.
    1. But before she reached there, she had visited the UK and Iceland. In the USA, She had a closed-door meeting with the “Council of Foreign Relations”.
    2. To know about “The Council of Foreign Relations” and how powerful it is you must see this photo. These are the people who are part of it and decide everything! Even the president of the USA! You will also understand the role of social media and media after this.
    3. According to Sonia Gandhi’s colleague “Natwar Singh”, she was expected to meet extraordinary people. But he was not given any names!
    4. Just after a few months, on 13 Dec 2001 ‘Jais-E-Mohmmed’ terrorists attacked on Indian Parliament. Fortunately, Sonia Gandhi already left Parliament before the attack!
  8. After winning in 2004 election, Sonia Gandhi made an NAC to run for government. Harsh Mandar and Arundhati Roy were part of this NAC! Interestingly they both were working for Soros too in India!
  9. An NGO “The Human Rights Law Network” is actively working for Urban Naxals, and Separatists of Kashmir to North East has a partnership with the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation! Even this NGO gets fund from Soros and USA!
  10. On 28 May 2010, the UPA government had freed 25 Pakistani terrorists as a goodwill gesture! It was not a case of hostage! You know what was most surprising? In that list, “Latif” had been released as well! His name was on the list with Masood Azhar and he was not released at that time!
  11. According to an RTI, the Government has no record of the foreign traveling of Sonia Gandhi From 2004 to 2014.
    1. After 2011, she visited the USA multiple times for ‘Medical’ Reasons! This information is also provided by Congress Spokespersons only! And that too after she left India!
    2. Similarly she had visited the USA for “Medical Checkup” on 30 Nov 2015 for 3 days.
    3. On 2 January 2016 there was an attack in Pathankot and the main handler of that attack was the same “Latif” who was freed by UPA Gov in 2010 as a Goodwill Gesture!

“CIA penetrated every sphere of UPA” - Natwar Singh