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The Myth of Badruddin Writing Badrinath Aarti

The myth of Badruddin

Claim: Badrinath priests say it was a rudraksha-wearing devotee called Badruddin who composed the prayer, but the Uttarkhand government differs


Fact: One of the biggest frauds fabricated in recent decades is the myth of Badruddin. This malicious propaganda is carried out with backing from top echelons of media & Bollywood.

Many maulanas claim that Badrinath temple was originally an Islαmic Mazar of Badruddin. They demand that the Badrinath temple be handed over to the Muslim community. Badrinath is a very ancient tirtha. It has been mentioned several times in Mahabharata as an abode of the hermitage of divine Rishis Nara & Narayana.

It is described as a renowned Tirtha on the banks of Ganga (Alakananda). This was long before the birth of Islam & its prophet.

Now the story of this Badruddin is a complete lie fabricated in the 20th century. The linked article claims that Badruddin was a postmaster of Nandprayag and & he wrote Badrinath aarti in 1860. The fact is that there was no post office at Nandprayag before 1970. Why haven’t the so-called Badruddin family reproduced the published book from 1889 allegedly mentioning him? Bartwal family produced a manuscript that has been carbon-dated. Even the so-called book published in 1889 does not mention Badruddin as the writer of Badrinath Aarti. In fact, it does not even mention Badruddin’s name. Which is why I say the entire story of his aarti or his grave in Badrinath temple is a 20th-century fabrication,