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The Myth of Hussaini Brahmins

The myth of Hussaini Brahmins

Claim: A brahmin called Rishab Dutt fought alongside Imam Hussain and lost 7 of his sons too. He was killed in the battle of Karbala and their descendants are still known as Hussaini Brahmins.

Fact: There is no mention of any “Rishab Dutt” in the original list of Martyrs of Karbala. The story that a Brahmin Rishab Dutt fought alongside Imam Hussain in Karbala is first narrated in a 19th-century Punjabi poem (vaar) called Jangnama written by Muhammad Shah. Even this 19th-century story is full of miracles. It says that decapitated Imam Hussain converted these Brahmins. Besides the scientific impossibility of a decapitated head converting people, one wonders how so the called “Hussaini Brahmins” remained Hindu if story were true.