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Turks and India

Turks were originally from Central Asia. They just invaded the land now known as Turkey (but then as Anatolia/ Asia Minor/Byzantine) and forcibly converted the local population. Today’s “Turkish” people are the descendants of this forcibly converted local population. Before the 12th century, Nobody in the region today known as Turkey spoke the Turkish language. The country’s name was Byzantine. Religion was Christian and language Greek. They lost the Battle of Manzikert to Turks in 1071. Adopted religion & language of invaders. It should be emphasized that the Central Asian Turks invaded both India & Byzantine. While India fought back and they ruled for < 400 years in most regions. India retained our culture, language, religion. The “new” Turks left their Byzantine culture. Adopted language,culture, religion of invaders. Even the name of the country is now Turkey.