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When the Muslim Company Betrayed Indian Army in 1947

Habibur Rehman the ex-INA officer brought the Hindu population in POK(Bhimber)from 35% to 0%, “liberated” Bhimber.

October 15 1947: On the night Pakistan invaded India, the Indian Army’s Muslims murdered all the sleeping Hindu Gorkhas of their own battalion. First, Muslim soldiers murdered Captain Prem Singh and his Hindu Gorkha troops at night who were posted at Throchi fort (Sharada, now POK). The next day, the Muslim Major Nasrullah Khan who murdered all Hindu Gorkha soldiers of his own battalion went to the garrison of Raghubir Thapa. In his blind secularism, Captain Raghubir Thapa could not sense any danger behind all Muslim forces coming for aid and embraced them. Next night, Muslim forces repeated their performance, and the unsuspecting Gurkhas of Captain Raghubir Singh were all murdered in cold blood. After killing all the Gorkhas, Major Nasrullah khan gave the Pakistani invaders a rousing welcome and joined their ranks.


Source: and “Military plight of Pakistan” (2000) written by Colonel M.N.Gulati